Never Say Never!

Boy, we had an interesting weekend full of ups and downs, but mostly ups! This week was my first week at work and it was wonderful! But I am keeping the nature of this blog about our family and our life in Japan. Saturday morning was the only down part of our weekend, our poor baby G woke up and couldn’t keep anything down. This is only the second time she has ever been sick like this so we were concerned. Thankfully after a 3 hour nap she was doing much better, but definitely worried we would make our first trip to the ER if we weren’t able to keep her hydrated. Here is where we get into the fun part of our weekend! Car shopping!!! Luke and I passed our driving test on Friday and received our licenses immediately following. We were so excited to pass on the first try and be able to purchase two new cars. Everyone has been so kind to drive me to and from work as well as to run errands, but it was starting to stress us out to not have a car. So while I was resting with G (I literally watched her sleep for over an hour to make sure she was ok! She hadn’t held down any fluids in 4 hours.) Luke went and rented a car for the weekend so we could go on a little adventure as soon as mini-me was feeling better.  As I mentioned after G woke up from a long nap she was ready to go! So off to search for new cars! Without boring you with the details of the search, we walked out with two cars we are very excited about. Let’s start with Luke’s very fun Daihatsu Gino! While it looks a lot older than it is but its a 2002 with awesome Burberry inspired interior!

It is pretty awesome and comes with perks because it is a small car, as it relates to Japanese laws and parking privileges. Mine on the other had…. if the title of this blog didn’t give it away…. is an “extended SUV” as my sister-in-law likes to call them…. but I’ll say it’s a car inspired by a van! When car shopping, we really didn’t want large vehicles but with a 70lb dog and a toddler we needed at least one car with decent trunk space. We looked at several SUVs, but they just didn’t meet what we were looking for. Well then the beauty  you see above caught my eye and well just say the rest is history. I’m a van mom now! Welcome to the family, 2008 Honda Mobilio! (Literally dying laughing as I type this!) It even has automatic sliding doors and a 3rd row that tucks under the second so Opie has room but it’s not nearly as large as a traditional van! I swore I would NEVER own a van, but my justification is that it doesn’t count in Japan. 😀

Anyways, on with the adventures of the rest of the weekend. We both practiced driving and surprisingly driving on the left is just more intimidating than scary! With our fear of IMG_0730driving behind us we decided to head out on a Sunday adventure! To the local grocery store we go and see what we could get into. Everyone was so very kind and with the help of google translator we made our way through the store. Some things were a little more expensive and others like the fresh white fish was very inexpensive. I mentioned before how family friendly restaurants were, well the stores are no exception. They have the most adorable little baskets that G just loved.  It was yet another great experience in Okinawa.


Following our shopping trip and dropping the groceries off, we decided to head north and see what we could discover. We decided to stop by and have lunch at Torii Beach and let G play at the splash pad. It was another overcast day due to it being “rainy season”, but was perfect for a little fun.  We are really excited to spend some great summer memories here.

After we dried off the little swimmer, we decided to head out on a little road trip to see what we could uncover! Plus G fell asleep two seconds after getting in the car, so there was no way in hell we were going to try and take her out of the car, risking waking her up! You know what that’s like, we’ve all been there!  haha We went through through 3 or 4 little towns/villages and saw quite a few resorts on the north-west side on the island. The coast line was beautiful and many moments where we once again couldn’t believe we were in Japan. We also had a good laugh as we pulled up to Malibu Hills on one of our stops! Especially funny since we just spent our 5 year anniversary there last month.  We drove as far as Onna and decided to turn back and head for home. I should also mention, what’s a road trip without snacks!! We discovered the most delicious juice, other than knowing it has pineapple, apple and peach flavor we know nothing else… but it was delish!

As wonderful as the weekend was, G is having a harder time. She has always been a firecracker and very strong willed, but she is really struggling with making “good IMG_0629choices” as we like to call them. We can’t even begin to count the number of meltdowns daily, we just know it is WAY more than we have had to deal with before.  We are going through every tip and trick but bottomline…. her whole world has been flipped and I think we are hitting the threenager day…. lord help us! My favorite part of this picture is that even Opie is struggling with the 24/7 crying. We will make it and if anything it’s preparing us for Typhoon Season. 😛

We will see what trouble we get into next weekend when we have our new rides!!! OHHH and how could I forget… we finally got our rainbow bagels! Check Instagram for the picture!


9 thoughts on “Never Say Never!

  1. It is my belief if they call it an SUV, then it is an SUV, even I’d it looks like a van. Glad to hear you guys are doing well and exploring your new home. Love you guys!

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  2. So much change for all of you, even tho a happy change, it will take time to adjust, especially for G and Opie. Love, hugs and prayers are with you!!! ❤

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  3. I LOVEEEEEE Luke’s ride!!!! Girl I am the same way about the van thing – howeverrrr… with FOUR kids and a 100lb dog we might invest!!
    I enjoy all your blogs can’t air for more – take care!!
    Kelley Lozano

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  4. This made me just bust out laughing!! Your stories are amazing! You are so right about your world and Grace’s, All is tuning for the better each day. Love you so!!❤️❤️❤️

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