Finding Our Place

Sorry followers! Life has been so crazy these past two weeks! We had some complications with our living situation and also trying to find a house. Thankfully, we found another hotel to move to, found someone to watch Opie (every pet friendly hotel is booked) and will be signing for a house this week. We are so ready to be in a house! It’s hard though as our shipment of household goods are delayed until the end of July. We have been living out of suitcases since April and are just DONE! We are just grateful to have found an awesome house that is 10 minutes from work and right by the beach! The area has an amazing beach playground. Most importantly there is a fenced yard for Opie!! First time he’ll ever have that, AMEN! So we will rent household items until our shipment arrives.

Back to catching everyone up on the past few weeks of Oki Adventures! The past two weeks we have had 2 sunny days! Storms, on storms, on storms… welcome to rainy season in Japan. Needless to say Luke is a trooper for finding unique ways to keep G busy. Lots of visits to the library and indoor playground. I have mentioned before how family oriented Japan is… but really it’s insane.  They have the most amazing indoor playground that is clean and inexpensive. $10 for two hours of play time for one adult and one child and lunch…. unreal! They went several times over the course of the last few weeks. I don’t know how we will ever transition back to the US where they overcharge for everything! Did I ever mention it costs $5 to go to the zoo?!?!


I was fortunate enough as part of my new employee training to spend the week in what they call Japanese headstart. My teacher was amazing and taught us conversational Japanese so we would feel comfortable out in the community. The last two days we went on field trips. It was an honor to get to visit the Peace Memorial Park, especially this week was Memorial Day for the Battle of Okinawa. It was a privilege to learn the history and honor ALL the fallen. They display the name of every Japanese and American service member that lost their life. They truly believe in peace. We also had the opportunity to see the Japanese Naval Underground. It was a museum and a tour of the underground tunnels used in the war. It left me speechless. Please check out my public Instagram for photos.

The next day we went to Ryukyu Village. It had traditional homes, music and workshops for things such as pottery. It was a wonderful time learning about the history of the island. I have more photos of the day’s activities on instagram as well.


We are grateful to have met some wonderful people. One of the couples we met introduced us to a wonderful church that was instantly meant to be! The first song they played at worship was the Christian song that got me through a very hard time and has been special to us. We knew that no matter the struggles of our current transition we were exactly where we needed to be! Japan is slowly starting to feel more like home.

Earlier this week we celebrated finding a home with a delicious meal at one of the all you can eat restaurants by our lodging. It was AHHHHmazing! So much yummy meat and veggies that you prepare at your table grill. Luke is convinced he is going to open one of these in the states. As you can see the happiness on his face, he was in heaven. G was less impressed and played with chopsticks. Tough crowd I tell ya!

IMG_1036Today we spent a wonderful day at the pool with some friends. G is really taking to swimming and we ended up at the pool for 4 hours. Thank goodness the kids pool has coverage and we lathered sunscreen. No sunburns! Tomorrow we will take Opie to his “babysitter’s” house and pack up everything as we prepare to move into a new hotel on Monday. Thankfully, we will only be in temporary housing a week longer. We are really excited to get settled and truly begin to find our place.


OHHH P.S. I forgot to mention, we finally tried our first Japanese kitkat… pretty darn good! There is a whole thing here of people going around trying to collect all the different flavors. We will see what ones we end up finding. There are many unique flavors out there. Oh it’s the little things!IMG_1071


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