Since arriving to Okinawa it has been our mission to just absorb as much as we can. We were so excited that we had the opportunity to be able to experience the 10,000 Eisa Dance Parade as part of the Summer Festival in Naha. Eisa is a traditional dance of Okinawa that is accompanied by the Taiko drum. The dance competition featured many large groups that would present their team and dance to the judges individually, then continue down Kokusai Dori street, the main street in Naha. It was so amazing to watch the dancing, feel the drumbeats in your chest and hear the music that inspired them. These are dances and traditions that span many many years. We are so excited to get to check this off our bucket list. Check out my Instagram for videos of the performances.


Kokusai street is an international street full of markets and food! It has been featured on travel blogs, shows, etc. and we can definitely understand why as there were lots to see and enjoy!!! The market place second floor has restaurants with sushi, curry and just about anything you could hope for, but restaurants lines both sides of the street. We are a family that does loves experiencing new foods so needless to say our hearts and bellies were full… we plan to go back to the fish market again to experience some ocean to table!! G was entertained by all the seafood on the ice and in tanks but I’m not so sure a boat full of sushi is something she is interested in. Ha. It was all around a fun day.


This week also helped us to get back to our dinner tradition! We have never a dinning room table the was truly ours since we have been married and even before than since moving to Hawaii. I was always a roommate to someone with furniture or we didn’t have space in the place we lived. I have moved 10 times in the last 8 years (this is not counting that we moved to 3 times such since moving to Japan) and needless to say no two places have been the same… we have gained and lost things along the way but we just roll with it. For the most part it’s just things…. things you go I thought I had XXX and as you open and close boxes you never find it. Then 2 or 3 moves later you find it only to realize clearly you never REALLY needed it because you lived without it for so long so you purge and donate. Every time we move we purge and we use to “travel light”, now there is a sassy toddler who has a hoarding problem that is part of our package deal now. Lol But regardless we have learned that you don’t need much. All the things you think you HAVE TO HAVE, we don’t any more. So when all are things arrived and the only thing we didn’t have was a table, we decided we were done with loaning and it was time to have our dinner traditions back.

We love dinner time as a family, talking about our day, praying to the good Lord and “breaking bread” together. There are no phones, no distractions, just us. It was important for us to make these memories with G. It may seem insignificant to some but Luke and I both have had life event that make us appreciate sitting together at a table. Over the last 4 years that was a rare occurrence and getting back to basics has been such a luxury.

The past week has been nice to learn about traditions of the culture around us and get back to the ones that are part of our family…. as we continue on our pursuit of happiness!



4 thoughts on “Traditions

  1. Always the most important item in a house. I can still clearly sitting around my grandmother’s vintage kitchen table in Detroit. In the kitchen, washing dishes by hand and engaging in rich conversation. Fond memories filled with warmth and love.


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